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September 25 2011

September 24 2011

April 20 2011

Interview: Can Nonviolence Work in Iran? - Interview by Karim Sadjadpour | Foreign Policy

Iranian philosopher Ramin Jahanbegloo and longtime Italian diplomat and author Roberto Toscano on the future of Iran's opposition.

April 02 2011

رادیو سنگتاب | زمزمه ی پیروزی 4 - SoundCloud
زمزمه ی پیروزی برای امید وار "تر" شدن .
تقدیم به تمامی رهبران در بند.
Meshuggah - SoundCloud

March 11 2011

February 24 2011

Iran, Facebook, and the Limits of Online Activism - By Cameron Abadi | Foreign Policy

Cynicism and despair may be the order of the day among Iranian activists. They would do well, though, to remember that social movements on this scale are not a sprint, but a marathon. In fact, that's another lesson that might be learned from Khomeini -- he began his agitations against the shah in the early 1960s, a good 15 years before he began realizing his visions of an Islamic state. The greens may be working to subvert that vision, but they would do well to endorse his cunning patience. 

February 21 2011

International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran – Tear Gas Used On 14 February Causes Severe Symptoms Among Protesers

 According to the three individuals, when they returned home after exposure to the tear gas, they suffered symptoms such as severe nausea, vomiting blood, and loss of voice and their symptoms have not yet subsided.

February 13 2011

On the Media's North Africa's Hip Hop Protest Music

In the midst of the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt and the protests elsewhere in North Africa and the Middle East, a group of Libyan exiles who run a website called Khalas noticed one surprising common thread in the voicing of discontent … rap music....
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December 31 2010

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